August 23, 2015

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By using this website you agree to these Terms of Website Usage, all applicable laws and regulations and agree to be bound by a law firm who are responsible for compliance with accepted. You with any of these rules do not accept, or use the Internet prohibited use.Customers pay the debt and the necessity and are subject to availability of funds, since all orders are final. The availability of the necessary resources and all requests are processed.

Customers place orders for the error, the details to check before.Once the matter be considered valid.The reason for this is already correct, we are confirmed via e-mail the company within 24 hours of payment situation to update the customer, are considered delinquent.

For no reason in a row, the order should be blocked by our service three times the original pretext.Mobile phonic Talk / Chat, ask only questions  or register if instructions are not allowed to touch. In process (but not yet completed is that) may be due to speak on our booking system / receive. More than any other source system to the mobile phone without additional indication is dismissed from the service to force is highlighted.Order Normally, but every time she took 5 to 10 minutes, it is not necessary, such as 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and can sometimes be together now. Order processing 24 hours.

We take fraud very seriously. Any attempt to fraud or serious naughty, can not be tolerated. It is ignorance, not entirely convince us, apparently it can explain, who cares if it’s a service to users of the site, be banished from the road.Processor before the application, while the decline for a long time, not our customers and do not pay anything until you.

You first need to send money. Prices can be changed at any time royalties and at any time and without notice.Customers change our prices on our website are advised to regularly confirm it.Exchange rate for our customers to guide us, to pay the date and time of action, since the exchange rate based on the. Commission only on the net. Avoid the field and the customer as soon as possible and must be paid.During business hours, but the order may take still longer than usual, please be patient, as it is processed.All the latest updates from our blog site, Facebook pages and Twitter are published. All of the customer to check the status of applications please contact us. Our website for the latest updates on the review Service.

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